$1,000 could be yours! Simply, save!

What would you do with $1,000? Would you do something practical like pay down debt or would you spend it on a shopping spree at Mall of America?

If you have a WINcentive Savings account, you should start asking yourself this question because when you deposit money into your WINcentive Savings account during the month of July, you are entered in to win the $1,000 bonus drawing!

This $1,000 bonus drawing is for Affinity Plus members only, so someone has to win! Remember – the monthly prizes are still up for grabs - 50 statewide drawings of $100 and 4 $100 drawings for Affinity Plus members. That’s a lot of cash up for grabs! There are enough prizes to go around, so remember to tell family and friends about this awesome savings account.

Don’t have a WINcentive account? Don’t worry – there’s still time to open an account and start saving. Click here for more information on WINcentive Savings. Open your WINcentive Savings here today!