Our ears are open to listen!

We’re excited to launch a new set of member feedback surveys beginning Feb. 29.These surveys will be sent out via email to members who have recently interacted with us to gain an understanding of their experience.

Surveys will be sent to gather feedback on:

  • The in-branch experience
  • How interactions feel over the phone
  • Online and mobile banking use
  • The process and experience of opening a new product
  • The new member experience
  • Your thoughts in general about being a member of Affinity Plus

The surveys will be sent out via email with each member not receiving more than one survey in a three month period. We will not ask for account information or personal identifying information like Social Security Numbers—only about the experience with Affinity Plus.

If you receive a survey and have questions or want to validate the authenticity of the email, please contact us at affinityplus@affinityplus.org.

Members are the foundation of the credit union. As such feedback is essential to ensure we continue to deliver an excellent banking experience. It helps us evaluate the needs and wants of our members, as well as shape Affinity Plus for the future. We look forward to hearing from you.