Save for a chance to win with WINcentive Savings account!

Save – It sounds like a simple, straightforward goal. We save for a rainy day, an unexpected auto repair, or a dream vacation, but somewhere along the way our well-intentioned savings plan gets derailed! The struggle is real. Life is real. Sometimes a little extra motivation is just what we need to stay on track. That’s where opening your own WINcentive Savings account can help!

WINcentive Savings is a prize-linked savings account that offers Minnesota residents the chance to win cash prizes from a state-wide drawing by simply saving! Each time you increase the balance in your WINcentive savings account by $25, you earn one entry into the monthly, quarterly, and annual drawings for cash prizes ranging from $100 to $5,000. The maximum number of entries you can earn each month is four.

Don’t think you have the luck to win? Just last month, Affinity Plus had thirteen winners from the state-wide drawing. Wait, there’s more! Affinity Plus holds its own drawings, increasing your chance of winning! In January, four members won cash prizes from our own drawing. You can open your WINcentive Savings account at any branch location, and further information can be found on the WINcentive Savings website at or on our website at