Staging Your Home To Sell

I have a love for scrapbooking and all things graphic design. I love paper so I save cards and letters from family and friends, and samples of graphically-pleasing mail pieces. So naturally this love of paper was also my downfall when looking to stage my home. My saver-like tendencies left me a lot of work to do. Here are a couple tips I learned along the way.

  1. Home Makeover - First, begin with giving your home a tidy facelift. Get rid of the dust bunnies, wash the windows and blinds, wipe down walls and windows, scrub down your utility room, and polish those appliances.
  2. Declutter and Depersonalize - Remove all the extra stuff. This includes freeing up the closet floors, taking away seasonal clothes from your closet, eliminating piles from the counter top, and removing the extra knick knacks and collectibles. Pack those family photos away too. You want the next buyer of your house to envision what his or her life will be in their new home. While you want to depersonalize your space, there is a balance; don't make your home feel too sterile.
  3. Perception is Everything - Once you've cleaned and decluttered your home, consider the placement of your furniture to make the space look bigger. Make sure windows are not blocked and entry ways seem open and inviting. Don't leave rooms with wall-to-wall furniture. This leaves your room looking small.
  4. Bright is Better - Light your rooms. Have those light bulbs checked and make sure your space is well lit for those showings. Open your blinds and let the natural light help you.
  5. Curb Appeal - The outside of your home is just as important to the inside. Be sure your lawn is cut and your yard is as inviting. Remember, what buyers see on the outside invites them to check out the inside.

Staging your home will be personal to the layout of your rooms and your home, so these are the very first steps to getting started. Looking for more tips on staging or home to sell? Consider checking out library books, surfing Pinterest, or reading blog posts for even more ideas. Ask your HomeAdvantage™ real estate agent on what she or he is seeing on the market or for a stager recommendation.

Good luck and let us know what worked for you.