My grandmother passed away recently at 92. She lived a long and very full life. Luckily for her heirs, she was also a very careful investor and consummate saver of everything from her pennies to the massive ball of aluminum foil in one of the kitchen cabinets.

She was from the school of thought that diversifying your finances and investments was the safest way to protect your assets. Good financial advice in general... but it has made for a very frustrating experience for her children while they liquidate and consolidate her estate.

One of the most frustrating things, according to my mother, is that every stock transfer requires a Medallion Signature Guarantee, and many other documents require signatures to be notarized.

Well, the banks they are working with charge for each of these services- $25 for the Medallion Signature Guarantee, and $10 for every document that needs to be notarized.

One of the stocks my grandmother owned has a market value of $30. So, my mom has to pay $25 to get a Medallion Signature Guarantee to transfer the stock from my grandmother's name to her own. The net value to the estate: $5 (ironically, just enough to pay for an ATM withdrawal at some banks- but that's a different story.)

At Affinity Plus, both Medallion Signature Guarantees and Notary services are free. We'll even make copies for you and fax the documents for you. (Believe it or not there are copy and fax fees out there as well.)

Just because your bank can charge a fee for something, doesn't mean it should.

What's your "Notarize This" story? Have you been charged a fee, or encountered the run-around with paperwork at your bank?