If you're like me, transferring money between all the different accounts you manage is an integral part of your money management routine whether it is to make payments, to budget, or set aside money for spending.

The new online banking system provides enhanced options for transferring money between accounts. You may access the Transfer Funds feature in two ways. One way is through the account summary on the dashboard. Hover over the magnifying glass and select "transfer funds" from the drop-down menu. You will then be redirected to our transfer feature, where you can select "Internal Transfers", which are transfers between your accounts or another member at Affinity Plus or "External Transfers", which are transfers between your accounts at Affinity Plus, and your accounts at another credit union or bank.

The second way to access the transfer funds feature is by accessing the transfer widget to the right of account summary on your dashboard, and choosing the internal transfer feature.

How to set up an internal transfer:

  1. Choose the account you wish to transfer from.
  2. Choose the account you wish to transfer to. If you're transferring to another member, enter the other person's member number (ex. 123501), choose the account (ex. S1, S14, S9), and the last three letters of the last name (ex. PLU).
  3. Then select the amount. You will then have the chance to select advanced options such as a specific amount, percentage of balance, or dividend.
  4. Enter a note either private or public you wish to store on your account (ex. $ for lunch)
  5. Choose to transfer now, a later date, or set up a recurring transfer
  6. Submit transfer.

Are you looking to make a payment to your credit card or mortgage loan at Affinity Plus?

To do so, select the account you wish to transfer from (ex. S14) and choose your transfer to account as S98 for credit cards and S99 for mortgage loans. You will also notice in your drown menu these are labeled as "Credit Card Payment" and "Mc Mtg Payment Acct". The sole purpose of these accounts is to make payments that will be applied directly to either your credit card or mortgage loan.

Are you looking to transfer between your account at Affinity Plus and your account at another credit union or bank?

Once you're on the transfer widget, expand the widget and go to the "External Tab". In order to transfer funds, you will need to first add a new account by entering a temporary password, your bank or credit union account information, and verify the micro deposits made to your external account. This process can take up to 1-2 business days before your external account is fully set up to transfer to and from. For detail directions on how to set up an external account, follow the steps in our transfer video.

Check out our video tutorials on other popular features of the new online banking site? Can't find a feature or not sure how to perform a task on your account? Let us know and we will be happy to put out more detailed instructions in an upcoming blog post.