Over the past month, you may have experienced issues with access or responsiveness when using Affinity Plus’ new online banking system. The dedicated staff at Affinity Plus continues to work hard to improve your experience with us, working to resolve issues that have typically have occurred when a high volume of members access the system at one time. The security, functionality, and ease of our online banking system are top priorities for us!

Overall, we have received positive feedback about the features of the new online banking system, which includes enhanced security features. Below are three troubleshooting tips to help improve your online banking experience with us.

1) Register Your Computer. Tired of having to answer a challenge question each time you log into your account? Register your personal computers and mobile devices so you no longer have to.

If you’re using a personal computer to log into your account, when you get to the “Challenge Question(s) for Login” screen, you’ll see the option to select “Public Computer” or “Personal Computer”. Select “Personal Computer” to register your computer.

If you’re using a personal mobile device to log into your account, when you get to the “Challenge Questions” screen, you’ll see “Register your Device” text underneath the field in which you enter your answer. To the right of this text, you’ll see the word “OFF” in a gray rectangle. Click on the gray rectangle until the word “ON” appears in blue to register your mobile device.

Remember. When you use an unfamiliar computer or mobile device to access your account, you will be prompted to answer a challenge question. You can update or change your challenge questions and/or answers in your online banking account by clicking on Settings > My Account Profile > Security > Challenge Questions. One helpful hint: Click the box “Show Answers” so you can see what you're entering for text.

2) Go Mobile. Check your balances, deposit checks, transfer funds, and more using our mobile app. The performance of our mobile app has been strong during the transition to our new online banking system.

You can download our mobile app for free on your Android device from Marketplace or Apple device from the app store.

3) Pick a Different Time. We’ve determined that the time members are typically having access issues is from 8:30-9:30 a.m. on payday Fridays. If you are able, try logging in at an earlier time in morning or perhaps over your lunch break to help “lighten the load.”

We encourage you to continue to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We are committed to making further enhancements to the system to improve your experience – thank you for your patience and your continued trust in Affinity Plus!