The phone rings. Of course,  it’s dinner time.  You jump up to answer in case it's someone or something important. Nope, it’s a salesman trying to sell you a credit card you don’t want or need. You object, but he persists.  By the time you get him off the phone, both the call and your dinner feels stone cold.
The reality is the salesman is just a person, trying to make ends meet like you and me. And yet, he has been driven to sell no matter what the cost. So, while he may know you’re annoyed with his interruption and you won’t really benefit from this product, he also knows all he needs is a "yes" and he's got another sale. What can we expect him to do? It’s the only way he gets paid.

Incentives and commissioned sales don’t always have this effect. They can be useful in a lot of ways. However, the intentions behind them are causing some problems. They’re setup to put the company’s bottom line before your interests. It’s a battle—them against you. Who wins?

In some cases, everyone wins—the salesman reaches his sales quota and you get a good deal that is actually right for you. But, it would be unrealistic to assume that’s always the case. Often, your goals and financial situation blur out of focus, as the salesman works another sale. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the great deal, right? Yet, you end up with credit cards that have ever-increasing interest rates, mortgages with terms and closing costs you don’t understand, and toasters that are paid for ten times over in annual fees. Not to mention, you’re left skeptical and jaded after being burned so many times. Is there anyone left you can trust?

At Affinity Plus, every employee is expected to do what is right for you, first and foremost. No commissioned sales incentives or quotas. Period.

Are you tired of feeling like you have a target on your back?