The Minnesota Department of Revenue has shared this on their website:

UPDATE 2/7/2015: Today the Minnesota Department of Revenue announced it is again accepting tax returns submitted using TurboTax as of 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 7. We took this step after Intuit implemented new “targeted security measures.” We will continue reviewing returns and will remain in contact with the company.

If you already filed your return using TurboTax, you do not need to do anything. We will review your return and contact you if we identify issues.

Electronic filing is still the best way to file your taxes.

Protecting private taxpayer information and avoiding fraudulent activity is our priority.

Click here to check out further information can be found on the Minnesota Department of Revenue's website.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced they have stopped accepting tax returns that are submitted through TurboTax due to potential fraud. While Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union is NOT affiliated with TurboTax, we have offered a discount to members who choose to file using this software.

In response to this announcement, Affinity Plus immediately removed links to TurboTax from our website and has halted all other promotion of this program. TurboTax has set up a dedicated phone number for taxpayers who think they may be affected by a fraudulent return – this number is (800) 944-8596.

To learn more, you can check out the recent news release shared by the Minnesota Department of Revenue, "Minnesota Department of Revenue has stopped accepting tax returns submitted using TurboTax."

If you have any questions specifically for Affinity Plus, please contact us at (800) 322-7228.