Over the past month, you may have experienced issues with access or responsiveness when using Affinity Plus’ new online banking system. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. We are currently working to resolve issues that have occurred at times when a high volume of members access the system at one time.

Overall, we have received positive feedback about the features of the new online banking system which includes:

Enhanced security. You'll create a unique user name and password to log into your account, as well as customized security questions. You can update or change your security questions at any time when you're logged into your account

Money Desktop. Pull in information from your Affinity Plus accounts as well as those elsewhere so in one glance you can check balances, create budgets, set goals, and more! Click here to view our information video about Money Desktop.

Transfer. Send money to, or receive money from, your accounts at other financial institutions using transfer, our external transfer feature. To learn how to set up an transfer, click here to view our informational video.

We encourage you to continue to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at (800) 322-7228.

We are committed to making further enhancements to the system to improve your experience. Thank you for your patience and continued trust in Affinity Plus!