The best treasures are the ones we find right under our noses, so you can only imagine how excited I was to learn that one of my fellow coworkers, Neda, is a couponing genius – and she’s generous with her couponing tips.

Here are some of Neda’s tips for the holidays on how to use coupons to stretch your holiday budget:

First and foremost – you need to come up with your plan.
Are you shopping for food for a big meal, gifts for others – maybe both? Figure out what you need to get and figure out your budget.

Don’t forget about setting up your method of tracking your spending so you know where you are at with your budget.

It is really easy to get off track when you get excited about all the different couponing deals available – remember to only get what you actually need!

Let the web do the work for you!
The Internet has lots of resources for websites that will match up the store ads with the known coupons that are available. What a time saver! A couple of my favorites are; and

Check multiple places.
With the number of stores we have available – don’t forget to look for the same item at multiple places to be able to get the best deal.

Let your fingers do the walking – check ads online. 

Use additional apps to help save more.
One of my favorite things about smartphones are all of the apps available. We now have apps available for couponing as well. Some help you save at the register while others offer cash back for purchasing specific items. A couple of my favorites are Target Cartwheel, Checkout51, and Ibotta.

Target Cartwheel has a fun offer they are offering through Dec 24th. Each day they are offering 50% off a different toy. Shhh – don’t tell my daughter – I was able to pick up a Barbie doll and horse set normally $39.99 for only $19.99!

Stack savings offers for the most benefit.
Yes, you can use multiple savings methods together. At Target you are allowed to use a Target coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon and Cartwheel all together. So, if you have an item that has savings available all three ways you can use them together. Also, after you have your savings at the register don’t forget about the other apps like Checkout51 and Ibotta where you upload your receipt. 

Want to learn more?
Right now, Pocket Your Dollars is offering a free class on “40 days of Holiday Savings”