The Countdown to the Upgraded Online Banking Site

Did you know Affinity Plus is upgrading its online banking site in November?

The upgrade will give online banking a fresh look while offering you access to all of the same convenient services in a user-friendly way like your account summary, account alerts, transfers and participation rewards.

The upgrade will also provide you with additional services, including:

  • Budgeting and financial management tools
  • External account transfers
  • Improved mobile banking
  • Enhanced security features
  • Secure messaging

Here are answers to questions some of you may have:

Q: Will I still have to enter my Safe2Login password?
A: No, enhanced security features will be implemented with the update so you’ll no longer have to enter your Safe2Login information.

Q: Will my login and password be the same as it is today?
A: No. The update will require you to create a unique login, password, questions with answers and select a site marker. A site marker is an image and phrase that lets you know you’re on the correct site.

Q: Will my account history and Bill Pay information transfer over to the site?
A: Yes, all your account history, bills, and payees will transfer over to the new site.

Q: What resources will be available to help me learn about the updates?
 A: Video tutorials and online FAQs will be available on our website to guide you through registration and help you understand how to use the new services. If you have questions, member advisors will also be available to help over the phone.

Q: Will mobile banking change?
A: Yes. In order to fully use the updated app, you will first need to complete the registration for online banking through a desktop computer or your mobile phone using an Internet browser.

We understand it can take time to make the transition from the existing site to the upgraded site, and we want you to know we’re prepared to help answer your questions and provide you with support during this time.

More information will be provided about the upgraded online banking site through statements and e-mails, as well as on our website at