There are many stages of your financial career.  Knowing your money, and what tools and strategies work best for you, is essential to reaching your goals. Read below to find out which golfer you are, and then bring your style to the Annual Affinity Plus Foundation Golf Tournament in support of financial literacy throughout Minnesota communities. Golfers of all levels are welcome!


On the course of finances, are you…


Dr. Molly Griswold (Rene Russo in Tin Cup)

Although a beginner, you look to the experts for help in developing the skills to manage your finances.  Doing research and talking to advisors is your number one priority. You’re open to anything that may help you stay on track as you continue to narrow down your own approach to juggling money.

Strengths: You have a clean slate. Developing the right habits can put you on the path to expertise!

Weaknesses: One or two wrong moves (i.e. missing a bill payment or neglecting to take advantage of employer-based retirement incentives) are more devastating when you’re just starting off.


Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmore")

You are certainly unique but able to conquer your finances by playing to your strengths.  Do you take a running start before paying your bills? Do you use a hockey stick to shoot off your check deposit?  Or, yell obscenities when your budget goes down the wrong path? Maybe. But, even if others think your money management habits are a bit “odd”, you stay true to yourself and stick to what works.  In the end, you will reap the rewards of your efforts.

Strengths: Whether it’s budgeting, savings, or borrowing, you see things from a different perspective to make your money work to your advantage.

Weaknesses: Some of your habits are a bit inconvenient or may not make any sense.  You get distracted by your temptations from time to time. 


Greg Norman

Bold. Aggressive. Old School. While your checkbook register would frighten the common smart phone user, you’re diligence has afforded you many opportunities. You’re confident with your money and, with that level of experience under your belt, can afford to take risks to potentially see more reward. Your shark tendencies are seen in your investment portfolio.

Strengths: Your savvy affords you higher yields on investments and low interest rates when you need to borrow. You have a set plan, know your budget and are able to meet new goals.

Weaknesses: You’re not as open to new services and technologies that could make your finances easier.


Jack Nicklaus “The Golden Bear” 

You’ve truly mastered your finances. But, with experience comes lessons, thus you were not always perfect. In fact, you may have had a rough spot here and there. Like Nicklaus, when times were tough, you went back to the drawing board, worked with professionals and soon were back to perfecting your game. Your success shows and some call you one of the greatest money gurus of all time.

Strengths: A wealth of money knowledge and experience, you still know to reach out to your advisors when you have questions or needs beyond your expertise. You have exceeded your goals and can continue to plan for more comfort in your life.

Weaknesses: Lemonade with a splash of mango and the color yellow.


Bagger Vance (Will Smith in "The Legend of Bagger Vance")

You’re committed to the cause! Just as Bagger Vance was the spirit of golf, you are the spirit of financial literacy. You continually provide financial wisdom, value educational initiatives and give back to those who need financial support. 

Strengths: You stay well informed. You get others excited about their goals and inspire those who need a little hope.

Weaknesses: Is there such thing as caring too much?