This weekend, Microsoft announced a known vulnerability in their web browser, Internet Explorer (IE), which could potentially cause you and your computer harm. The vulnerability within IE presents the opportunity for hackers to set up malicious websites, which if accessed while using IE, could allow hackers to install software, review data, or have complete control over your PC. This is considered a serious security threat and requires actions to protect you and your personal information.

How can you protect yourself?

The Department of Homeland Security has recommended that you stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft releases a patch to mitigate the exposure.

Browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are available to download for free and are not vulnerable to this security threat. If you must continue using Internet Explorer, you can disable the Adobe Flash plug-in until a patch is issued which will eliminate the possibility of being exposed to the vulnerability.

Just released (4/29): As an update, Adobe Systems, Inc. has released an emergency security update to fix the vulnerability in its Flash Player that impacts IE. Please ensure Flash has been updated to version You can learn what version of Flash you have installed by visiting:, or if you need to update Flash, visit:

The patch released by Adobe Systems, Inc. fixes half of the vulnerability issue. Microsoft is still developing a patch to fix IE. Affinity Plus will inform you when Microsoft announces a patch for IE. It is still recommended that users do not use IE until Microsoft releases their patch and fixes their half of the issue.

Just released (5/2): Microsoft released a patch to address a known vulnerability in their browser, Internet Explorer (IE). If you have Microsoft automatic updates configured, you will have received this new update already. If the automatic updates on your computer are not configured, or if you want to double-check, then go to the Windows Update portion of your Control Panel to get it configured. If you are still running Windows XP, Microsoft made an exception so the update will cover all versions of Windows XP. Given that the Windows XP operating system is now at its end of life, make plans to secure your system by getting it upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. For further information, here is a link to an official Microsoft blog:

It is important to note, Microsoft has discontinued support of their Windows XP software. This means that even after Microsoft releases a patch against this vulnerability, the patch will not include your PC if it is still running Windows XP. Because of additional flaws and vulnerabilities in the Windows XP system that will be exploited, upgrading to a newer release of Windows is strongly suggested. 

How does this impact my banking with Affinity Plus?

Affinity Plus recommends that you don't use IE to access your account until a patch has been released. Our website works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. You should experience no interference using these browsers.