April is Financial Literacy Month, and it’s a great time for a financial checkup. We are excited to offer you the chance to take a simple exam that rates your financial health. The SavvyMoney Checkup is a FREE online tool that allows you to plug in all of your current financial information (income, bills, loan payments, even how much you put away for savings and retirement) and get an accurate report on your financial health.

Now, financial health sounds like a heavy term but really, it’s just a great way to check if you are staying on track with your goals. Do you want to save more for retirement? Save for a family vacation? Pay off debt faster? This tool can help you see where your money is currently going and how small changes to your monthly spending could have a significant impact on making those goals a reality.

The SavvyMoney Checkup is available on our website under Member Benefits. Use the free and anonymous SavvyMoney Checkup for a simple financial analysis. Once you complete the checkup, you can even request someone to follow-up with you about any financial questions you may have.

We are excited to help you become more financially healthy!