“Give every guest an experience so they cannot wait to come back!”

This charming statement is the mission for Cara Irish Pubs, a Twin Cities-based restaurant group. You may not immediately recognize the name, but Cara Irish Pubs is the umbrella company for four outstandingly original Irish watering holes: Kieran’s Irish Pub and The Local in Minneapolis, The Liffey in Saint Paul, and Cooper Pub in Saint Louis Park. Started by Kieran Folliard, a lively Irishman, and currently owned by Peter Killen, also from Ireland, Cara Irish Pubs offer authenticity and genuine people to create an experience worthy of your return.

Each pub exudes Irish heritage, yet has its own character. You can feel the ancestry in the handcrafted wood decor, shipped directly from Ireland and custom made specifically for that location. With equal parts open bar halls and quaint dining quarters, at a Cara Irish Pub you can be a part of the boisterous atmosphere, or retreat to seclusion for conversation. And that’s only the beginning.

The staff is dedicated to your experience. For example, there is at least one bartender for each pub who knows how to pour the “perfect pint” of Guinness. (Yes, it’s a real thing, and yes, you can tell the difference!) Oh, and what about the whiskey those Irish are so famous for consuming? Well, let’s just say that Kieran Folliard was so passionate about the spirit that he handed over his restaurant business so he could sell his own brand of Irish whiskey, 2Gingers. Order a Big Ginger the next time you drop by to try it out for yourself!

While these are great offerings, providing an extraordinary experience has to go beyond the bottom of your glass.

Every year, The Local reserves the same two barstools for a couple who had their first date at the pub in 2006. The two spend their anniversary in the same place they fell in love. Although reservations for barstools are not typically accepted, The Local refused to stand in the way of the customer experience. It’s simply a small action to make a big impact for loyal, deserving patrons.

When asked what it is that captures the feeling of a true, traditional Irish Pub, Whitney Gale, Events Coordinator for Cara Irish Pubs, answered confidently:

The regulars, those patrons who consistently show up for a pint even on the worst of Minnesota winter days, are essential to the pub atmosphere. Not only do they accentuate the look and feel of an authentic Irish pub, the regulars are the liveliness, the real aspect of the experience.

Be a part of the experience this St. Patrick’s Day by visiting a Cara Irish Pub. All four pubs are opening early and include festivities for a St. Patrick’s Day you will not forget!