Many of us have heard the saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” But why focus on the bad publicity when we’re surrounded by goodness every day – good people, good actions, good things, etc... Sure, it sounds idealist to say, but since publicity is a culture driver, shouldn’t we focus on the good things? Don’t we want to drive our culture toward the goodness in our communities rather than the bad?

Now, let me ask you this question, who (which organizations or businesses) would you like to see as recipients of publicity? Who are the bright stars in our current, local atmosphere? What business do you frequent simply because of the way they operate, like humans - with ethics and heart? Personally, I would like to move forward in time with publicity not being doled out to the wrongdoers, but to those who are truly making a positive difference in our world.

It’s time for a change and like most change, it starts with action. You have the opportunity to bring to the forefront of our communities’ awareness those businesses whose names came to mind as you considered the questions above. Each year three companies* are awarded a Minnesota Business Ethics Award in recognition of their approaches to three areas:

  • What they say they stand for
  • How they do what they say they stand for
  • How well they do what they say they stand for

Look here for more about the MBEA and Affinity Plus’ involvement.

Take time to consider the companies you think should receive publicity for the good they have done. It’s time to change our culture through good publicity and this change can start with you. Now that you’ve had some names come to mind, visit to nominate a company for their high standards of ethical conduct.

It feels good to do good, doesn’t it? – Have a great day.

*Two companies were awarded the MBEA in the Large Business Category in 2013 at the discretion of the Award Judges. The awards are given in the following categories: Small (under 100 employees), Medium (100 to 500 employees), and Large (more than 500 employees).