Spotlight: Special Olympics Minnesota

Imagine if all sporting events - wait, make that
all meetings or gatherings in general - began by
stating the Athlete Oath: “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” This powerful oath acknowledges both the heart and desire to achieve success while practicing humility and recognizing that unbridled, passionate effort is itself a commendable result.
Special Olympics Minnesota
begins their events with this statement read aloud by one of the athletes. It inspires all people who are in attendance to come with a common purpose - a fire within to compete and to win. More importantly, the oath reminds everyone that although teams are competing against one another, their proudest moments may be getting to compete alongside their friends, learning a new skill and meeting new people.
Special Olympics Minnesota has been one of Affinity Plus’ Preferred Partners and Charities of Choice since 2002 because of their commitment to improving the lives of people in our state with intellectual disabilities. Through various programs, competitions and initiatives, Special Olympics helps athletes develop skills they can use on and off the field, court, pool, etc…to make a positive impact in their communities.

What if we transplanted the approach of Special Olympics Minnesota into our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces? They hold six values at their core: Respect, Accomplishment, Choice, Quality, Partnership and Integrity. On December 7, 1973 Special Olympics started making a difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Forty years later, more than 7,700 athletes participate in the program, but the number of lives the organization has impacted across our state is immeasurable – think of all the coaches, volunteers, and fans whose lives have been changed by having the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the athletes. 

Affinity Plus is proud to call Special Olympics Minnesota one of our Charities of Choice, and recommend that you too consider a partnership with them, whether corporate, as a volunteer, through a donation or simply as a cheerleader for their causes. Be inspired today and may you win. But, if you cannot win, we hope you will be brave in your attempts.