You may have experienced something like this before…

In the mail, you receive a coupon for a free oil change at a local car repair shop. The timing is perfect, because your 3,000 miles are up, so you call and schedule your appointment.

Upon arriving, the mechanic seems nice enough as he accepts your coupon and offers you a seat in the lobby while he performs his free service. After thirty minutes, he emerges from the garage, wiping the grease from his hands with the rag that was in his back pocket. He grabs your paperwork and keys and summons you to the counter. “You know, your brake pads need to be changed,” he says in a slightly threatening tone, “They’re paper thin.”

You turn him down because your brake pads and rotors were replaced when you last changed your oil, and as you walk out the door, he again exclaims, “Paper thin!”

While that mechanic is too busy losing your future business, you remember a Member Advisor at Affinity Plus telling you about RepairPal, a web site that helps you find trusted auto repair shops in your area called Top Shops.

So, you visit the web site,, and learn that Top Shops are auto repair shops that are committed to providing its customers with verified service, guaranteed prices, and a high level of customer service. In order to become Top Shops, they have undergone a rigorous screening by certified master mechanics which included feedback from more than 25 customers.

In addition to helping you locate Top Shops in your area, the RepairPal web site offers other valuable features to help you learn more about vehicle repairs like:

  • An Estimator that helps you determine a fair price for repairs on your car
  • MyCar tab that informs you about recalls for your car, reports of common problems, and tips to help you manage repairs for your car
  • Checklist that helps you organize information you’ve found on the site like Top Shops in your area and maintenance you should have performed on your car

The RepairPal web site is a useful tool that can help you become a more knowledgeable consumer – and avoid the trap of having costly, unnecessary repairs performed on your car. You’ll be more confident when you use RepairPal to find a Top Shop in your area because you know you’ll be getting guaranteed service at a great price.