It's amazing the things you take for granted. I often forget I work in a unique environment, and just figure other businesses have the same values and principles that we do at Affinity Plus--like the empowerment we have as employees to make decisions on behalf of members (or customers).

I recently encountered empowerment or lack thereof at a hotel I stayed at with my family. I called the hotel two weeks before my stay to book my rooms. I was super excited that we were able to get adjoining rooms right outside the pool. Plus, I saved money using my AAA card - score!

When I got to the hotel, I filled out the usual paperwork and gave the attendant my card. She proceeded to tell me they didn't have the adjoining rooms available anymore, but did have two rooms side-by-side. At this point I became a little annoyed, but still okay because the rooms are side-by-side, and I rushed to unload the packed-to-the gills car. In the meantime, the hotel attendant stopped my husband to tell him that they no longer had the side-by-side rooms, and that our rooms would be on opposite ends of the hallway. Now, my blood is starting to boil. The manager came over and said that even a week ago the adjoining rooms weren't available. I was very confused and agitated, and the manager could see that so he offered me a 10% discount. Still bothered, I graciously accepted the discount since we hadn’t made arrangements to stay anywhere else. The room was originally $129 and because of the AAA discount, and the 10% discount, it was now at $103, so I felt I was really saving some dough at a small inconvenience.

The next day I checked out, and handed the attendant my credit card and room keys. She asked if I wanted a receipt. Normally, I would have probably passed to save a piece of paper, but due to my previous interaction, I elected for a receipt. My manager discount was nowhere to be found on the receipt. When I pointed this out to the cashier who took my payment, she said I needed to speak to the manager.

“Can’t you do it?” I asked.

“No, he has to void your card and rerun it,” she said. “He comes in at 3 p.m.”

 At this point, I was really irritated. How is this customer service?

I called twice that day after 3 p.m. and left messages. I still haven't received a call back. My eyes have been opened that not all businesses are alike, and they don't empower their employees to "say yes" on behalf of what is right for the customer.

If you want to empower yourself to make a difference in the lives of people, join us - we are hiring, and people like working here.