You may have seen our billboard with the message, “You’re not paranoid. Your bank is out to get you.” This just may be the reality for your family or friends who are customers at big banks.

According to a recent article shared by USA Today, banks in the United States “earned more from January through March than during any quarter on record, buoyed by greater income from fees and fewer losses from bad loans.” So, how much did the banking industry earn? $40.3 billion - which is the highest ever for a single quarter, and is up almost 16 percent from the first quarter of 2012.

And how did they manage this when their profits from interest has continued to drop? You got it – banks have been forced “to see more revenue from fees, despite complaints from customers and consumer advocates.”

Enough is enough. We’re tired of seeing people surrender their money to a system that doesn’t have their best interests at heart; that makes them struggle to keep track of an ever increasing number of fees, simply to have a checking account. If you know a family member or friend who has been impacted by the increase in fees, let us know. We would love to talk to them and let them know there is a difference, and that Affinity Plus is committed to helping our members keep more of their money – after all, it is their money.

FYI: In OUR first quarter, our members redeemed the equivalent of $314,912 in Participation Rewards Points to reverse their fees.

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