When you think back to remember your first car, what image comes to mind? For many, that image would be that of an older model vehicle, probably some (or a lot of) rust, and generally, some quirk, like it always honked when you made a right hand turn.

We recently had the opportunity to learn about the first car of one of our members, and how he has reunited with his 1954 Packard after many years.

John remembers being a junior in high school in 1968 and riding his bike past a local car dealership that had a 1954 Packard parked along the fence. According to his dad and grandpa, Packard was known for being a good, solid, well-made car – and because he has always been interested in antique cars, John spoke with a salesman about it. After learning more about the car, he spent all of the money he had in savings to buy it. 

His decision to buy the car upset his dad, and John was told that he wouldn’t be able to park his car at his parents’ home. Luckily, his grandparents let John park his car at their house, and his grandpa worked on the car with him to get it running. He drove it through high school, and traded it for a 1980 Chevette shortly after he and his wife had their first child.

For many years, John drove other cars, but his interest in antique cars and having another 1954 Packard, inspired him to scour the internet for one. He found one and purchased it from a dealer in Tennessee. As he went through the paperwork, John discovered something truly amazing – the car he just bought was his original car! This is the car he remembers taking his wife out to the movies in (of course, she was just his girlfriend at the time), and driving his grandma and her friends to a dance where they would Polka, Waltz, and Schottische.

John shared this story with Affinity Plus because we helped him finance his 1954 Packard. His story generated a lot of conversation with all of our employees as we reminisced about our first cars, so we have to ask…what was your first car? And what’s your favorite memory of your first car?