For many of us living in Minnesota, it’s hard to imagine a natural disaster in which the end result would be the loss of our homes and belongings, and more importantly, people in our communities we know and love. Last week, this became a reality for the people who live in Moore, Oklahoma, after a powerful tornado devastated the city and left many searching among the rubble for any remnants of home and hope.

In an effort to restore the spirits of the people of Moore, Affinity Plus would like your help. We have set up a fund with the American Red Cross and will be collecting donations in the form of Participation Rewards Points and cash that will be used to provide food, water and relief supplies to people in need in Moore. Affinity Plus will be matching all donations up to $20,000, and will be accepting donations until June 28.

If you’re interested, you can make a donation at any branch location, or you can call or email us at (800) 322-7228, or

Also, we want to take a moment to thank our members who consistently spring into action when a disaster occurs in not only in our state, but across the world. You are truly inspiring. Now, let’s help change lives for people in Moore, Oklahoma.