If you have discovered loose change under couch cushions, or tangled in receipts that were thrown into your junk drawer during your Spring cleaning extravaganza, use them to start building your savings. For parents, opening a Wahoo! certificate at Affinity Plus can not only help you organize your loose change, but you'll earn interest on the money that could be used for future expenses like a vehicle for your kids or their college education.

The flexibility of the Wahoo! certificate may even make you exclaim, "Wahoo!" because you can make an unlimited number of deposits in any amount and watch your savings grow at the current interest rate.

Unlike other certificates, the Wahoo! lets you invest up to $25,000 with no minimum amount required, make one no-penalty withdrawal, and is available as a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Meet with a Member Advisor in a branch to open your Wahoo! account today, or open your account online, and make your first deposit! Not only will you be getting rid of the clutter loose change creates, but you'll also start building your savings. What a multitasker you have become!