Treasure Hunting for Stashed Cash

I'll always remember the joy of getting my $2 allowance and the excitement I would get as a child contemplating what I would spend it on. Yes, I was definitely a spender--and not so much a saver. I don't really remember understanding the value of saving my $2. I knew it was mine--and I wanted to spend it.

There were times I had to put the money out of sight and forget where it was so I could save it; I stashed it away in a drawer. I could have saved my money for a pack of Prisma Color markers. For all of you artists out there, these are like the top line of markers—sorry, a bit of art geek digression here.

Fortunately, these days there are easier ways to save--like the Stash Your Cash service. You can round your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and put the change in a savings account of your choice. This makes saving easy so you can indulge in your $2.47 coffee once in a while, and put the remaining change in your "Coffee Pot" fund to save for future.

Setting up Stash Your Cash is easy, and you can change (no pun intended) and manage it at any time. Simply go into your online banking account, and choose "more options" and choose "savings transfer"--it's that easy.