We remember running outside to our mailboxes on Saturday afternoons when the sight of the white US Postal Service truck was at the curb to see if the postal carrier had any extra samples of cereal or giant rubber bands that worked well for homemade sling shots. This childhood memory may only be a memory due to recent announcements that the Postal Service may be ending Saturday letter deliveries. Affinity Plus does not have boxes of Fruit Loops, but we do have solutions that will help you pay your bills on time even facing the adversity of a shortened delivery week. 

Prepare for the possible change in the way you pay your bills by electing to use Affinity Plus’ online Bill pay service, and statements to receive your account statements online. Bill pay allows you to have bills automatically paid from your checking account without having to purchase an envelope or stamp, and statements allow you to check your account balances online in a secure environment. Contact us if you’re interested in making the switch to electronic versions of paying bills and managing money in your accounts at (800) 322-7228 or affinityplus@affinityplus.org.

It was reported that Congress will meet this week to discuss the potential transition the Postal Service would like make to a five-day mail delivery week. To learn more, read The New York Times article, “Trying to Stem Losses, Post Office Seeks to End Saturday Letter Delivery.”