According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $130.97 on Valentine’s Day this year – that’s a lot of red and pink hearts on cards, weaved into flower arrangements, and dancing on the cover of special chocolates. But if you’re looking for other last minute alternatives to make this day meaningful without spending as much as average romantics don’t fret! There are abundant resources out there to inspire budget friendly, creative ideas to help you make this day special for your valentine. We liked the ideas in Family Mint’s blog post, “Valentine’s Day on the Cheap,” and’s blog post, “Valentine’s Day Gift Trends Then and Now.”

Whether you choose to enjoy a lavish Valentine’s Day, or one involving takeout and a movie, make it memorable by writing or saying something to your Valentine that is from the heart. Call your spouse in the middle of the day and give him or her a compliment, put a note next to your kid’s bubblegum flavored toothpaste tube that says, "I love you," or leash up your dog and go for a nice stroll after work. Yes, pets can also get in on the Valentine’s Day festivities.

Happy Valentine’s Day!