With the start of 2013 only hours away, some of you may be thinking – or have already thought about – what New Year’s resolution you’ll make and then break before the end of January. Would you be open to disrupting that pattern this year?

Time Business & Money reported that 46% of people are making financial resolutions such as paying off debt, building a safety net, adding to their 401Ks, etc… If you’re interested in setting your own financial resolutions, let us know! We believe the benefits of responsible financial management transcend simply having extra money in your wallet; it helps relieve debt related stress.

Visit with one of our Member Advisors at a branch, over the phone or email, or online using our Chat feature, and we’ll listen to your goals and help create a plan for you so that you may achieve them – and for the first time, be able to brag about how well you are sticking to your resolution!

For more great resources, read Time’s Business & Money article, “The Top Money New Year’s Resolutions for 2013,” or David Ning’s blog article, “7 Steps to Creating Lasting Financial Resolutions.”