Affinity Plus opens new Duluth branch Monday, Jan. 7; grand opening to follow Jan. 24

DULUTH, MINN. (Dec. 21, 2018) – Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union will open a new branch Monday, Jan. 7, in Duluth.

The credit union is relocating to 1820 Maple Grove Rd. from 1301 Miller Trunk Highway. The new building features a “next-generation” design inside and out, two drive-thru lanes and a deposit-taking, drive-up ATM.

Employees will settle into their new setting for a few weeks, then the credit union will hold a grand opening Thursday, Jan. 24.

Amanda Bruggman, Duluth branch manager, said her employees are excited about the spacious, beautiful building, and gave the entire construction project a nickname: “A New Roof in Duluth.

“The new branch is going to bring visibility to something we know is great and will represent the pride our members have in Affinity Plus,” Bruggman said. “We really think the new branch is going to be a shining jewel on the hill.”

Corey Rupp, Affinity Plus senior vice president, agreed with Bruggman that the new branch demonstrates the credit union’s commitment to members and the Duluth community and region.

“The facility is something members and the community can be proud of,” Rupp said. “It really gives Affinity Plus a more-visible presence. We hope it helps encourages people to learn more about the credit union as a member-owned cooperative and the member-focused way we do business.”

Bruggman added the branch’s new features are welcome, practical additions. Many members are excited for drive-thru services, especially during winter, she said.

“In the past, we’ve walked out to members who were young mothers or seniors to serve them in their cars in the parking lot,” she said. “Two drive-thru lanes will be much more convenient, safe and efficient for everyone.”


The new Duluth branch and another the credit union opened Nov. 19 in Grand Rapids, Minn., are part of Affinity Plus’ three-part strategy to serve current and future members, Rupp said.

“In spring 2018 we debuted a new mobile banking app and online banking. The community and campus branches serve members who want to talk to us face to face. And we continue to provide and improve our phone services,” he said. 

Affinity Plus leaders continue to plan for a mix of renovation and new construction in the years ahead. In 2017, Affinity Plus opened new community branches in Mankato, Minn., and New Hope, Minn. It shifted from a smaller to a new, larger community branch in Cambridge, Minn. And it opened and expanded its branch on the St. Cloud State University campus.

“Affinity Plus is here to stay in Duluth, and with the new branch we can’t wait to make an even-bigger impact,” Rupp said.