Affinity Plus Title Company earns “Excellence in Action” award for best practices, customer service, operations

ST. PAUL, Minn. (July 12, 2018) – Affinity Plus Title Company recently received the 2017 Leading Title Agency “Excellence in Action” award by Fidelity National Title Group.

This award places Affinity Plus Title Company in the top 20 title agencies in Minnesota, and recognizes outstanding performance in best practices, customer service and operations, officials said.

Carl Langner, Fidelity National Title Group’s Minnesota Agency account manager, said the Excellence in Action award recognizes the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in a competitive market place.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for meeting some of the highest standards in the title insurance industry,” said John Simonsen, director of Real Estate. “As a credit union, ‘excellence’ is one of our fundamental core values. Our real estate team is proud of the validation this award brings.”

Affinity Plus Title Company is a full-service title agency wholly owned by Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. Created in 2000 to streamline the home-buying process, the title company’s staff helps members secure a mortgage from origination all the way through closing.

Over the past five years, Affinity Plus Title Company has assisted more than 5,300 members with mortgage closings totaling more than $910 million.

“Overall volume is important, but our team is proud of our focus to really raise the bar on member experience and service,” said Travis Lambrecht, manager of Affinity Plus Title Company.

“We have a talented team committed to bringing our members peace of mind in every transaction. Every transaction won’t be perfect, but our personal touch, attention to detail and focus on caring has led to our success,” Lambrecht said.

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NEWS PHOTO (L-R) - Travis Lambrecht, Affinity Plus Title Company manager; Annie Johnston, Real Estate title analyst; and John Simonsen, director of Real Estate.