I was a lifelong member of a hometown bank, and I had always done my banking through them. So has my family, for over 100 years.  I had a very good track record of banking and loans through the bank.  I then decided to sell my vehicle to get a different, more family friendly car.  I sold it and took the money into the bank to get the lien release card.  I then questioned the bank about a new loan to purchase a different vehicle.  I was turned down by them due to new lending rules and new ownership. 

I had joined Affinity Plus in 2007.  I have had a loan to consolidate all my student debt and other miscellaneous debts into one payment there, so I called and talked to a lady named Deb. Deb was more than helpful, she helped me through all of the process of buying a vehicle.  Since I had those problems, I decided to leave my hometown bank, and I have not looked back one time.  I appreciate all Affinity Plus has done for me and my family.  Most recently I have had three family members become members and they questioned why they didn't know about this great institution before?