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Thinking of Buying a Home or Refinancing in 2019?

Make the online Affinity Plus Mortgage Center your first stop in the home buying or refinancing process. The Mortgage Center’s online application process is easy and oh so convenient. Start when you’re ready and pause the process when you need to without worrying about losing any information already submitted.

Use the online Mortgage Center to:

  • Learn about different types of loans.
  • Find current rates.
  • Calculate your monthly payment.
  • Compare the estimated costs of buying vs. renting a home.
  • Apply for a home loan.

And as always, we have real people ready to answer real questions about mortgages and the process along the way. Our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers are ready with personalized guidance, resources and products you want and need.

Begin your home journey today and learn more about the Affinity Plus Mortgage Center or apply now.


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Lock & Shop. And Stress Less Over the Home Buying Experience.

Spring may be just around the corner, but the seasonal home market is already in bloom. The home buying experience can often be frustrating with a roller coaster full of emotions; however, Lock & Shop can leave you with less stress and more joy. Lock & Shop allows you to lock in a great interest rate.

Simply lock in a rate now, house shop for up to 60 days, and then take another 30 days to close on your home. Your rate’s protected! Your rate won’t go up even if interest rates increase during that time period. But if the interest rate goes down, so does yours!

It starts with a dream. Your home loan is waiting. Lock & Shop today.

* A rate lock is not a loan approval; a loan approval will come from Affinity Plus once the underwriter has reviewed all of the required documentation.


Financial Peace of Mind

Did you know? Your accounts with Affinity Plus are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. That’s because Affinity Plus is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Savings accounts in federally insured credit unions, like Affinity Plus, are insured up to the Standard Maximum Share Insurance Amount through NCUA. The NCUA is an independent agency of the United States Government that regulates, charters and insures the nation's federal credit unions, similar to how the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures and regulates banks. This means your savings, checking, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and more are protected up to $250,000.

Learn more about how you’re insured with Affinity Plus.


Raul, an Affinity Plus FHLB grant recipient

Dreams Came True for 40 Homebuyers with $5,000 FHLB Grants

For the third consecutive year, Affinity Plus awarded grant funding to members to support their homeownership dreams. In total, we allocated and awarded 40 homebuyer grants in partnership with Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Des Moines, providing $200,000 in assistance to members who bought homes in 2018. Each grant provides $5,000 in support for closing costs and down-payment assistance to members who are identified as meeting grant criteria by mortgage loan officers and the investor relations team.  Congrats to the 2018 FHBL grant recipients.

Here are few of their inspiring stories!

  • “The grant from Affinity Plus allowed me to put more money towards my down payment and lower my monthly mortgage payment. This let me use more of my personal savings to invest in home upgrades. I can’t express how grateful I am for this grant and the peace of mind it gives me as a first time homebuyer.” – Derek S.
  • Jennifer R. used her $5,000 grant to furnish her new townhome and paint every room. She was also able to keep more in her savings for any future updates.
  • Buying her first home was exciting for Kaci D. She found the perfect home within her price range and was thrilled when Affinity Plus notified her that she qualified for a $5,000 grant! She even increased her down payment amount – what a wonderful surprise for Kaci!
  • Jerry S. moved and bought a new home to be closer to his daughter and grandson, whom he loves picking up from school. Jerry was able to upgrade all of the appliances in the home with the grant funds he received.
  • Peter and Shawnee T. were so excited to receive their grant, which reduced their home loan by $5,000! The grant made a big difference and allowed them to save $45 every month. 


Affinity Plus is a proud CU Green Partner

Go Green, Save Green!

Affinity Plus Collaboration with Minnesota Credit Union Network Creates Clean Energy Lending

In October 2018, Affinity Plus launched CU Green, a new clean energy lending platform, in collaboration with the Minnesota Credit Union Network. CU Green was developed to make clean energy accessible to more Minnesotans through educational resources, loans and investment options. The CU Green website helps those interested in solar power find qualified contractors, understand utility incentives and provide financing.

Affinity Plus introduced its Home Solar Loan powered by CU Green offering 100-percent financing, no down payment and a .25 percent below-market-rate bonus for homeowners seeking solar savings. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Affinity Plus is committed to helping members understand the many benefits of energy-efficient home improvements, including solar systems.

  • Eco-friendly:  solar produces no emissions 
  • Long life:  panels can last 25 years or more
  • Energy independence:  rely only on the sun’s energy to generate power
  • More home equity:  installation can increase a home’s resale value
  • Payback:  a system can pay for itself in as little as seven years
  • Low maintenance:  panels require little upkeep once installed

Ready to power your home with sustainable solar energy? Learn more about Home Solar Loan and get ready to soak up the sun!


The Vincent's Vixens Polar Plunge team of the Baxter Branch

Affinity Plus Takes the Plunge in Support of Special Olympics Minnesota

Vincent Stavish, a Special Olympian and son of an Affinity Plus employee, is the inspiration for Vincent’s Vixens, a Polar Plunge team of Affinity Plus – Brainerd Lakes branch employees including Kris, Heather, Amy, Alesha, Kelly, Kim and Jamy.

This year, more than 107 Affinity Plus employees took the plunge in 10 events across the state and raised $34,263,27 for Special Olympics Minnesota – one of our charities of choice since 2003.


PCs for People. Less Electronic Waste. Life-changing Impact.

In 2018, Affinity Plus partnered with PCs for People to provide refurbished computers to families in need while also keeping tons of electronics out of landfills! PCs for People is a Minnesota non-profit dedicated to recycling business electronics and repairing computers which are then provided to low-income households.

Affinity Plus upgraded and replaced 182 computer operating systems in 2018 with the old systems going to PCs for People. Together with PCs for People, we diverted 17,747 pounds (8.9 tons!) of electronics away from landfills. By the end of 2018, 62 computers had been repaired and distributed to families in need and more computers are yet to be processed and distributed in 2019.

“The support of Affinity Plus allowed PCs for People to positively impact the lives of low-income families and gave 130 children access to a computer,” said Wolfie Browender, Director of Recycling Partnerships, PCs for People. “We are so thankful to Affinity Plus for their support on behalf of the men, women and children we serve.”

According to PCs for People, 65% of the recipients have never owned a computer before. We are proud to help provide access to computers for those in need and provide a life-changing impact for individuals and families!


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