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Affinity Plus Visa®

Cards designed to fit your needs

People use "plastic" or credit and debit cards for a variety of reasons: to establish credit, convenience, security, or to take advantage of rewards programs. We've designed cards to help you meet your savings and spending goals--whatver they may be. All with minimal fees and with terms we help you understand right up front.

Debit Card

Provides check-free access to your funds in your checking account through ATMs or through cash back at merchants.

 Access cash 

Credit Card

We offer two credit card options - one that features a low interest rate, and one that features rewards. Choose the card that best fits your spending style.

Get credit 

Gift Card

For only $2.95, and your choice of value from $5 to $500, get a prepaid gift certificate for unlimited uses.

Give a gift 

Reloadable Prepaid

A safe alternative to cash for those who don't have a checking account, debit card or credit card.

 Start prepaying