Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Impact Report

This is the resounding theme at Affinity Plus among employees and leaders. Over the past four years, the credit union has continued to grow, prosper and improve in financial condition, which allows the opportunity to make investments back into the cooperative. As an organization, we strive to see continuous improvement in our work, in our relationships with members, and in our workplace for employees. Leaders and employees are continually encouraged to identify opportunities for improvements and enhancements across the organization. Not to aim for perfection, but to strive to get better – each and every day.

The infographic, you can download below, highlights many of the important accomplishments and initiatives in 2017. These are arranged by the credit union’s four mail quadrants – Member Experience, Employee Experience, Organizational Effectiveness and Financial Soundness. The year 2018 will be one of transformational change for Affinity Plus, as we upgrade several antiquated systems and make investments into the system architecture of the credit union. We will continue to evolve as an organization with our core values at the forefront.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Affinity Plus!

 Getting Better Every Day