Affinity Plus History

In the midst of the Great Depression in April 1930, a group of Minnesota state employees got together and chatted about the things they wanted from their financial institution – honesty, care and concern for people, a desire to serve, and most importantly, the strength to withstand the ebbs and flows of economic climates.

Rather than trying to find everything they wanted from a traditional bank, they formed a credit union in which consumers weren’t just consumers; they were members who all had an equal share and equal interest in the well-being of the organization.

Prior to 1999, this credit union was called State Capitol Credit Union. The result of its growth from acquisitions and inclusions to its charter (the filter used to determine how consumers are eligible for membership) led to the decision of renaming, rebranding, and redecorating the credit union.

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, with its conversational, member-focused tone and rich purple color, was the result. Although it sparkled with newness, the credit union never lost touch with its purpose and the building blocks of its foundation: integrity, transparency, a genuine care for people, excellence in service, and strength for its membership.

This foundation has given leaders of Affinity Plus the vision to recognize why it’s important to serve coffee and cookies in the branches as well as how to select and implement the latest technology so members have access to products and services that offer the utmost convenience, security, and enjoyment in managing their money.

Today, we have 28 branch locations throughout Minnesota so we can meet with members in person. We do understand that life is busy and time is fleeting, so to maximize your time you can complete your banking on your mobile device, through our online channels, over the phone, or through online chat. Manage your money on your time -- while taking in the sunrise on the Duluth pier, catching a game at Target Field, or getting your boat ready for a ride on your favorite lake.