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Grant Information

Include program details and the intended purpose of this program

Provide specific examples of impacts, goals for the project, and who will benefit.

Grant Outcomes

Outcomes must be measurable and you will be asked to report progress occasionally.

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Required Documents

(Required for private schools/institutions only)


The teacher, school or group applying:

  • Is located in the state of Minnesota.
  • Is not a private foundation, part of a national fundraising campaign or similar activity, political action committee, or voting or legislative group.
  • Is not a Board member of employee of Affinity Plus.

Terms & Conditions

  • Upon acceptance of the grant, the teacher, school or group agrees to use funds for materials, curriculum or supplies related to the educational program listed in this application.
  • The teacher, school or group agrees to share photographs and stories with the Affinity Plus Foundation for future use on promotional materials in print or online for the Affinity Plus Foundation or Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union.
  • The teacher, school or group also agrees to provide written progress updates. As determined by the Affinity Plus Foundation, these updates demonstrate the impact on the identified goals and projected outcomes outlined in this application.

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About the Affinity Plus Foundation

The Affinity Plus Foundation is a 501(c)(3) established in 2000 by Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. The Foundation's mission is to engage, educate and empower individuals and communities.

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